Playground Upgrades

(Upgrade older Galloway Playgrounds or add to any existing play structures)

Galloway Kidz Playgrounds provide quality replacement playground equipment components, and playground upgrades to improve safety, play value and overall appearance of your playground. Upgrading your playground can breathe new life into older playgrounds, enhance the imagination of the children and increase the aesthetic value of the playground.

The picture below shows a New Galloway Playground added to an old existing playground six years ago. This picture taken more recently shows you don't always have to demolish the old.  Enhance with a new design using Galloway playground equipment and it becomes a new playground again. This picture was taken after the addition had been installed for five years. The polyethylene components still look like new even though they are exposed to extreme conditions every day.



 Playground Safety

During our playground design process, all safety issues are dealt with to ensure playground safety. This is achieved by, and not limited to, the following:

- Providing adequate clearance zones in front of all slide exits and entry panels into the playground
- Ensuring that the playground has no finger entrapments
- Where possible, allowing visibility for parents
- Ensuring that children cannot run around the playground, when in fully contained areas

Galloway Kidz Playgrounds proudly meet the following International and National Safety Standards:

  • ASTM F 1487-01
  • ASTM F 1918-98
  • BS EN 1176
  • CAN/CSA Z614-98
  • NZS 5828-2004
  • Current Australian Playground Standards
  • Current New Zealand Playground Standards
  • McDonalds’ Worldwide Play Place Safety principles and requirements


Quality Assurance

We have strict Quality Control through the manufacturing process to ensure the best product is supplied to our customer. The polyethylene used is a compounded (pre-coloured) anti-static, fire retardant, food grade material with high chemical and water resistant properties. It is extremely durable and tough with maximum UV resistance. Polyethylene is a fully recyclable material making it environmentally friendly.