Playground Services

Playground Consultation

We work from plans supplied or upon request carry out a site inspection. Our team will consult with you on safety requirements, playground design, delivery dates and budgets to help achieve the best design to accomodate your requirements.

Playground Design Service

Playground Design forms an integral part of our service. Regardless of budget and space our team can design a complete playground or incorporate playground equipment into your existing playground to accommodate your needs and assist you in achieving the maximum play value for your recreational space. We offer a 3D design, which enables you to visualise your future play area in detail and as part of the design, we can provide drawings in various formats. Galloway also offers this service for Water Playgrounds, Wet/Dry Playgrounds  and Pool Slides.  Manufacturing and designing our own product gives us the ability to customise playgrounds to your requirements.  

  Playground Design

Playground Built

Playground Installation

Galloway Kidz Playgrounds supplies and installs playgrounds worldwide. Our technicians are specifically trained to install playground equipment to stringent worldwide standards.
When a full installation is not required by our team, we can recommend installers who can be called upon to supervise your installation. They will help to ensure all construction and safety regulations in regards to the playground installation are adhered to. 

Playground Installed

(variation on above design beach site at a Resort in Samoa photo taken 2011 playground 6 yrs old exposed to the elements and still original colours)